Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Blog EveryDay in May: A Vivid Memory

My favorite vivid memories are spending time with Wounded Warriors! They are amazing people. My father who is retired Air Force and went to Vietnam and Desert Storm/Desert Shield. He has officially retired and about 6 years ago started with my church a Wounded Warrior Ministry which started at Walter Reed in DC and now Walter Reed in Bethesda and Fort Belvoir. 

I am sure you have heard of which is a fabulous organization helping our Wounded Warriors get through injuries including PTSD, amputations, and various other physical and mental issues. Not to mention transitioning soldiers from the military life back into the "real world". It is very tough to be overseas for numerous years and then come back to America after everything they experience. We serve them lunch on the weekends since they do not receive anything during the weekends. It has been a life changing experience.

My Favorite memory is this:
A man got married and left 3 months later to Iraq, while in Iraq his group was on a mission he stepped on a hidden bomb in the ground - I forget their military name and became a quadruple amputee he was only 21 years old. His wife the same age.  He came to Walter Reed in October and we finally got to meet him on Christmas Day. His entire family was in town with his wife to support him. During the Christmas Buffet we had members of our church playing music with instruments that was beautiful. The family started making requests and we ended up staying hours after we were supposed to "end". The family tried to pay us for our time and we said NO WAY! We saw that day on the man's caring bridge website - which is like a blog, that they had the best Christmas ever.

I swear I learn more from them then they could ever learn or get from me. If you ever get an opportunity to work with them... DO IT!

Until next time...