Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: What do I miss?

I really miss my GRANDMOTHERS!
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Both of my grandmothers passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. As I am getting older and hoping to get married/have a family, I really wish they were here. 

I am in the process of planning a Pancreatic Cancer benefit that will honor my grandmother's and all of the money made will go to George Washington Hospital where they are currently doing Pancreatic Cancer Research. I have a doctor I have been speaking with and what he is doing is phenomenal. 

My father's mother, was just breath-takingly kind. Yes, I just made up a word :) What can I say, I'm not an English teacher. She passed away when we moved to DC when I was 4. I have some pictures and recently found some home videos my grandfather made and converted them to DVDs so I have a video of both sets of my grandparents from Christmas when I was 2.

My grandmother's birthday is December 17 and mine is December 19 so she gave me a beautiful ring (picture below) of our birth stone - Blue Topaz. It barely fits me as she had tiny fingers, I am getting it resized and redesigned. The second photo is my redesign idea. I want this to be my something blue at my future wedding, wearing it on my right hand. I want both of my gma's to be at my wedding.
The ring my grandmother gave me.
Here is what I would like to do with the stone.

My Mother's Mother passed away November 2011, it is crazy to think it has been a year and half already since she passed. She has always been my best friend. Anytime I had issues I would call my grandmother, she never judged me, even when I was doing things, in her eyes that may not be right or traditional, she listened, offered advice, and loved me. After she passed almost everything in my personal life changed and I had many nights that I would cry and want to hear her voice, hear her advice. She passed on her wedding ring to my mother and my mother wants me to have it and use it for my wedding ring if I choose to. It is beautiful. Picture below. Hopefully, I will find a husband to go with it. HEHE. I do want to change the band as it is a little thick for me.

Now you know how my grandmas will be incorporated into my wedding even though they cannot physically be there.

Until next time...