Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Apology

My Public Apology: 
I have numerous people I need to apologize to and have already started these apologies. You might not know but I was dating my ex for 8 years and when I broke up with him, I didn't want our friends to have to choose sides, so I let him have the friends. My family lives in the area, his does not so I thought that would give him a support system. I have come to find out as the year or so since we have broken up that he abandoned all of our mutual friends and is only friends with his current fiance's friends. I have started to rekindle these  friendships and have had to make a TON of apologies. I will be honest, I still have numerous people extremely upset with my decision. Did I do everything correctly in that break up? No I didn't. In that moment though, with emotions running high, and wanting to move on if possible, I thought was going to be the easiest and least painful for all of us. Luckily, those whom I have started rekindling our friendship it has been great. To everyone that I hurt in my previous break up or ever in life. I truly apologize and only want to best for all. 

Until next time...