Saturday, May 4, 2013

8th Grade Dance Planning

I received the lucky job of planning and decorating our 8th grade dance. The theme is:

"An Evening with the Stars"
Colors: Black, Gold, and White

The students will enter on a red carpet with a star balloon arch, here is a picture of what I ordered. I am going to use gold balloons instead of the silver ones in the picture to go with our color scheme.

Inside we are going to cover the cafeteria walls with black bulletin board paper to not only cover everything that is currently on the walls, but to make it look nice and different from what they normally see.

Near the DJ, which is one of our teachers, we will have these:

In the ceiling we will have these ready to celebrate the class of 2013

I have black and gold confetti, sparkly gold stars, lots of white lights, I'm making individual stars with students names on it as they buy tickets so we can make it more personalized. I have a photographer taking pictures on the red carpet.

Any other ideas? I'd love to hear them!!

Until next time...