Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Mornings!

So normally I have a theme but today, I just need to share my CRAZY Monday morning. So I am obsessed with my iPhone, I use it for everything, especially my alarm - I have about a million on it. This morning, the alarm was so faint, I didn't hear it at 6:30am like I was supposed to and didn't get up until 7:58am! AHHHHHHHHH.

My sweet dogs were not in mood to wake up this morning either, resulting in another 45 minutes of crazy town, because once they got outside and smelled the fresh morning air, they went on a run through my neighborhood without me! Yes, I got my workout on without anticipating it in my PJs.

So after the confusion, I knew what I needed: STARBUCKS I won't lie. I probably have an addiction to Starbucks. I go every morning, I become most happy once I have had my first sip, and on the days I don't have coffee, I am def a crab!
I have the GOLD card, which I love you purchase 12 drinks they give you a free drink or food item.
I would save a ton of money if I didn't have Starbuck every day, yes I have it every day. I have tried the Keurig and making my own, but nothing is as fabulous as the freshly made Starbucks from Claudia. Yes, I know my barista by name and we chat every morning. She calls me Miss Teacher and I always laugh. We share stories about crazy kids. 

One day I want to get a coffee that looks like this:
Other things I love about starbucks. You get a free one on your birthday. I have heard rumors some starbucks will give free coffee to the bride on her wedding day, but that is only a rumor. Since I haven't gotten married, I don't know yet :)

My Favorite Drink? Venti Iced Coffee with Classic Syrup and Half/Half. If you have never tried it with Class Syrup - you have to do it. SOOOOO much better than sugar. 
Here is what my office looked like this morning:
Happiness begins with your coffee and laptop!

Until next time...