Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Olay Scrub Brush & St. Ives Apricot Scrub Facial Review

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I really want the expensive Clarisonic scrub brush - in pink no less. As you get to know me, I want to get my hands on everything and anything pink. It is between $119-225 for the brush. I wanted to make sure I would even like the scrub brush before spending a fortune. My father has said since I was young - scrubbing your face is the best remedy for pimples. He has used a "face buff" since I was young - he does have great skin. So I decided after 27 years maybe I'll listen to him. 
So I bought myself the Olay Scrub Brush as it fits into my budget I got it at Walmart for $30. The replacement brushes are $10. It comes with batteries and the face scrub. I noticed as I was looking the product up again they lowered the price to around $21! I use it every morning in the shower and then every evening before I go to bed. I do feel it is helping me feel extremely clean and making my skin look so much healthier.

Links where you can purchase the Olay Scrub Brush:
Olay Product Website - of course they have pink now! My luck :)
Walmart Link - $21
Amazon Link - $21

Replacement Brushes:
Walmart - $10 for 2 replacements
Amazon Link - $8Scrub Brush - has a low and "high" setting. I do wish that it went faster as I have extremely oily skin and would like my face to get a good beating from my scrub brush. I have it in my shower and use it every morning as well as at night before I go to bed.

Olay Regenerist Face scrub - has exfoliator in it but isn't abrasive and does not hurt your face. I like the face lotion that comes with it. Has a very fresh smelling scent - not too strong. It is expensive to replace $17 for 2 on Amazon, see link above.

Walmart brand Face Scrub - Equate Rejuvenating Daily Face Wash $7 online, but I got it in store for $3 - they have it on sale almost every week. It has an awesome scent, I feel it is a bit stronger with the exfoliating which is a feeling I enjoy. 

On Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays, in addition to using my scrub brush, I use the following facial scrub afterwards to intensive the cleansing process. ***This step is TOO much for people with sensitive skin, you would probably want to alternate the scrub brush and this cleanser each day instead of using both.*** This product is inexpensive and works awesome.
St. Ives Website
Amazon Link
Target Link

I have changed my facial routine a million times, so far this has been working for me. I am really excited as my blogging big, Bekah from Re-Solve is sending me some new products to try for combination skin. I cannot wait to try them and review them! Thanks Bekah!!!

Until next time...