Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blog Everyday in May: Link and Discuss

Link & Discuss:

I was reading this blog post by I Wore Yoga Pants to Work, about 5 things that aren't acceptable in the real world, but are in the blogging world and I couldn't help but laugh, and then relate.

So I started thinking about things I do as a grown adult that I should probably "grow out of". 

1. Stuffies: I have multiple, and no I have never called them that, but the family I used to babysit for did call their stuffed animals stuffies so I figured this would be fitting. I currently have a singing rabbit, pictured below on my office desk. He sings "Why do you build me up" while dancing around. I won't lie he bring me great joy when I am loosing my mind. I have multiple beanie babies and still sleep with TIGGER! I got him when I went to college. 
Cutest Pink Rabbit in the world
Card from the little girl I used to babysit, the proof, it says "This is Ellie (the Elephant) Cady's best stufie in the world.
As you can tell from Tigger's Head - I sleep on it so it is flattening like a pancake! I have never washed him and got him in 2004 from my parents when I went to college. They have always said I was like Tigger because I have a bubbly, fun, personality!!! 

2. Glitter: I absolutely love glitter and try to use it whenever possible to decorate, craft with, or just plan have around me. I'm not sure why but it makes me happy. Currently in my office:
 Glitter Organizer from Walmart
 Glitter Pencils
 Glitter Pens and Glitter Glue Gun Sticks for Summer Projects
Glitter Initial

3. Pink: My father always said I would grow out of pink and I never did. EVERYTHING pretty much in my office is pink, black, or white - that is my color scheme. My chair, white board, organization bins, etc.

At the current moment I can't think of anything else :) Anything you do that you should grow up on???

Until next time...