About Me!

I'm Mandy! 28 year old who is in the education field. I live in the Washington DC area. 
The rug says "wipe your paws" in the door is my amazing Great Dane, Annabelle.

I recently woke up after dating someone for 8 years, learning I was cheated on while I was taking care of my dying grandmother, that life is too short to wait for someone who doesn't share the same values and views on life as I do. I realized it was time to move on from things that have happened in my life. So I moved on to another guy, who was even worse than my 8 year relationship and treated me horribly, one day when I am ready I will share about all of the things I learned from both of these relationships. 

Biggest Life Lesson: Everyone has their baggage and I don't have to be defined by mine. I deserve respect and even though I have made a ton of mistakes... I am forgiven and it is okay to move on and BE HAPPY!!

I'm a lover of Jesus, pink, wine, organizing - love labels, fashion & beauty, reading, trying NEW things, reality TV and enjoying - really enjoying life, it is so short and precious, I don't want to waste any more time. 

My blog is going to document all of things I want to do before I turn 30! I'm an avid blog reader, youtube watcher, pinterester and am excited to blog about my life and get to know those bloggers that I read on a regular basis.