Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hair Straightener - Royale Review

I needed a new straightener and used to have a CHI, it was great but I wanted to try something new. Plus the straightener I had for them used metal and left kinks in my hair when you first put it on your hair if that makes sense. I took the kiosk girl up on her offer and did a trial of 

So I broke down and did the trial at one of those Kiosks at the mall. Of course, I was extremely happy because I could get it in PINK! It truly makes my hair look amazing, healthy, and shiny. The plates on the straightener are ceramic instead of metal so the straightener preserves the moisture in your hair. It heats up quickly and is amazing. I truly love it. 

The brand is Royale is who makes the straightener. You can get a lifetime warranty for your product. Which of course I signed up for. If anything happens to it, you can get a new one. They have a million different colors, sizes, and options. 

The straightener goes over 400 degrees but doesn't get super hot so you can do lots of styling. I just learned how to curl my hair with the straightener and I love how quickly you can get your hair curled and how nice they look. The curls do last a lot longer than my barrel curler - which I will do a review on later. 

Youtube Video for how to curl your hair with a straightener: 
EmiGal - she uses the same straightener as I do

They didn't have the wet to dry straightener but I would love to purchase this after trying it. I wonder if it will work. How much time will I save.

Until next time...