Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Office Redo!

My office is the most hideous shade of Maroon you will ever see! Please see the photo below, no judgement that I have had no time to fix it yet, I've been in my position since October and it has been too difficult:
It is small and the dark maroon color makes the room feel small and dark like a dungeon. I wish I had a window. 
Here is the right-side wall:
Before bookshelf:
Before Left-side:
I need an inspiration wall because it is just so ugly in there, that I am needing happy thoughts.

Over the summer I am wanting to paint and redecorate my office so that I can start off the new school year with a fresh look. Here are the paint colors I am wanting to do:
My plan is the paint the border around the middle of my office with the above color so it isn't TOO much pink, even though I already have a lot of pink in the office. My office used to be a music practice room so it has sound proof stuff on it, which at first I wanted to take down but makes thumb tacking things on the wall much easier. 

I am going to paint the pains different colors: White and Grey. Some of my students need community service hours and are planning to help with the painting. I am going to have to take everything down and move everything out! Ugh.

I am looking for a corner desk, but that has turned into a nightmare, nothing fits nicely into this office. 

My file cabinet needs to be covered with something pretty, and my pink table with my printer on it, I am wanting to put up pretty polkadot cloth that I found on sale at Walmart to cover the mess underneath it.

I cannot wait to show you the finished product!!!

Until next time...