Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: A Work Day in My Life

A Work Day in My Life
7:30AM - Wake Up, Check and Answer Emails for Work - I usually do this in bed :)
7:50AM - Have Coffee and Cliff Bar
8:00AM - Check Blogging Emails, Respond to Comments, Write next days post, Read Blogs
9:00AM - Shower, get ready, pack lunch, check work emails again, drive to work, I will make phone calls if I need on my way
10:00AM - Arrive at work, Continue with phone calls, emails, let front office know where after-school will meet, monitor hallways in between classes

10:30AM - Lunch Duty - 6th Grade Students - 250 kids
11:00AM - Check Mailbox, sign time sheets, send announcements for after-school activities, monitor hallways in between classes 
11:30AM - Lunch Duty - 7th Grade Students - 350 kids
12:00PM - Meeting with my Principal and/or Mentees (I have 12 student mentees this year)
12:30PM - Lunch Duty - 8th Grade Students - 420 kids (Currently selling 8th grade Dance tickets) I usually eat lunch with the students, monitor hallways in between classes
1:00PM - Emails, More Phone Calls, Purchase Orders for snacks/supplies, Handle any discipline referrals for all grade levels, Meeting with various teachers for activities & D/F List, Meetings with potential Business Partners, Handle Building Use for the entire school - maintain calendar, monitor hallways in between classes
2:30PM - Set up attendance for after-school program, get snack ready for distribution, get walkie talkies, set out supply cart, set up after-school lap top cart on tables
2:45PM - Bus Dismissal - students head to after-school program, monitor hallways, get kids to take attendance, snack distribution, and get students started on Homework
3:10PM - Hallway check - make sure students are in their activity - call home to parents of students who didn't stay and were supposed to
3:20PM - Meet with my Assistants - I have 2 - I am so lucky and blessed they are amazing
3:45PM - Get attendance ready for second set of activities, check on dinner, check on activities, handle any discipline problems
4:15PM - Late Bus Dismissal, Students who are staying until 6 sign in for next activity, have dinner, and then report to activity, call home if need be. I greet parents as they arrive to pick up, get their children, help students find missing items, answer the phone that rings off the hook looking for children, answering parent questions, dealing with building use questions, cleaning up after children.
6:00PM - Students are dismissed, I stay until the last child shows, usually on my computer in the hallway talking with them, answering more emails, filing papers, signing time sheets, put activity supplies in the after-school closet, talk with custodians to ensure they know and can handle any building use requests when I leave. I like to leave my desk completely cleared off before I leave.
6:30PM - If students haven't left yet, I drive them home
7:00PM - I do my best to get to my gym class on time, I go to XSport classes
8:00PM - Head home from the gym, make & eat dinner, take a shower, check emails, do anything that I forgot, watch Dr. Phil - I DVR it every day.
9:00PM - Change Laundry Loads, put clean laundry away, clean the kitchen/dish washer, each day I do one of these 5 things - bathroom counters/mirror, vacuum, swiffer, dust, electronics cleaning
9:30PM- Write my to do list for the following day and email it to myself
10:00PM - Get in bed and try to go to sleep

WOW it is hard to believe I do all of these things in one day. I don't know how Moms do it. I just have to worry about me and I get overwhelmed. Moms you are amazing.

Until next time...