Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Favorite Co-Worker's Wedding at Toftrees!

I went to Toftree's Resort for my favorite co-worker's wedding! It is a golf resort near Penn State. WOW was it beautiful. I didn't get a chance to play golf as we were busy but I absolutely loved my surroundings and the location of the resort. I was super impressed with the staff at this resort, they knew me by name when I checked in, they got my price incorrect and fixed it right away when I realized it. I had the cutest welcome back, courtesy of my amazing co-worker that was in my room already when I arrived.

The ceremony was outside and it could not have been a more perfect day. It was sunny and a little windy but not so hot you were sweating and loosing your mind. It was beautiful and I am so happy for them. 
I love the facial expressions here! Sums up why I love this girl so much.

Bought this for my favorite bride from Target she wore it to the rehearsal dinner :)

I made this on the app Beautiful Mess and posted it on instagram so all of our fabulous students could comment and share their happy well wishes with the bride.

We had such a blast with, dancing all night, and enjoying the photobooth - here is how they introduced it so cute!!
Super awesome idea.

Here is what I wore:
Purse Coach, Dress and Necklace JCREW

Until next time, I'll share all the details of the reception.