Sunday, June 16, 2013

Movie Review The Descendants

The Descendants

This movie has George Clooney which is pretty much the reason I rented it. Movies are such a great way to escape and enjoy some entertainment. This movie was EXTREMELY depressing and made me just so sad. While the story line was great, the character development was fabulous, I really liked the girl from The Life of an American Teenager on CW, it was so depressing, I had a hard time getting past that. Now this is probably because you come to find out *spoiler* stop reading if you don't want to know.

George Clooney's dying wife has cheated on him and he ends up finding out who it was through friends who know about this. I guess for someone who has been cheated on and everyone knew about it this was devastating to watch. I really like Clooney in this movie and the movie raises a great point about paying attention to your spouse. Working cannot be everything to you all the time.

I would probably give this movie a 3 star review since I did like the acting just not the story.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Grandma!

It is still hard for me to believe that it has been almost 2 years since my grandmother went to heaven. I am so lucky to have a voicemail from her that I still have on my iphone. I keep telling myself I need to get that saved somewhere so I don't loose it. 

Why I miss my grandmother so much still to this day? I saw her body deteriorate and take her last breath. This is truly something you never forget. She was a beautiful person, she always wrote cards to people - never forgot a birthday, anniversary, birth, wedding, or anything like that EVER!, she was an awesome cook, never judged a soul - always loved you regardless of your decision, she only got mad at my grandfather - those two could bicker and it was so hilarious - was it bad I would laugh at them probably. I went to my grandmother with EVERYTHING, I knew I could tell her everything and she wouldn't judge me or tell me not to do something, just her opinion. She is actually why I broke up with my ex, in one of our last conversations she told me she knew I wasn't really happy with him and I needed to follow my heart and be happy - I deserve it. Thinking about that conversation brings a tear to my eye - she knows me so well. I still dream of her often - usually when I do I see her as her high school photo which I think is weird since I didn't know her when she was in high school and only saw one picture. 

I think of her often and listen to her voicemail still daily. I won't lie sometimes I even "talk" to her in the car when I'm frustrated wishing I would get a response from her.

Love you grandma always!

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Safe Haven Movie Review

Movies make me happy. I must say, I do try to see every movie possible, so much so, I sometimes get mad at Redbox for not having enough movies I haven't seen yet. I love the entertainment, the opportunity to escape for a couple of hours into the story. Oh yes, movies are my relaxation.

Finally, I got around to watching Safe Haven. Myself like probably every other woman knew going in, its a Nicholas Sparks book, I am going to cry, its going to be a great love story, and a little ify on the happy ending.

75% of the movie is predictable from the preview. The main character has a horrible experience, leaves her hometown to go as far as she can go and changes her name to Kate - yes as generic as my name :) She finds the local man, they fall in love, even though she's a liar, he loves her regardless, ex tries to come back and kill her, and you find out something crazy in the end. - I don't like to be a movie ender blower if that makes any sense. The ending is crazy and after the movie I did have to go back and think for a bit and even googled what other people thought of it. 

I loved this photo I found from googling this movie. I wish I was at the beach right now with some handsome specimen of the male species enjoying the summer! Only 7 more days until it is officially summer. YAY!

Let me know what you think about the movie.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Label Maker - Dymos are my favorite

Organizing is one of my favorite things to do and you keep everything organized by labeling everything. It sounds crazy at first, but I don't know where I would be without my labels. It helps me keep my office running smoothly and my closet clean!

Here is what I use:
Label Manager PnP
Amazon Link

I purchased mine off of Amazon to save a little more money I got it for $45. This label maker uses refills of D1. This one hooks into your USB port of your computer, no need to download any program. The reason I purchased this label maker was because you could use any of the downloaded Microsoft fonts that you have. I LOVE downloading free fonts, I don't know about you but I think they are amazing. They do have a wireless version of this exact label maker however, they didn't when I purchased this. The labels come in a ton of colors.

My favorite thing to do with this label maker:

  • Binder Spines - you can put the font up and down to make them easier to read
  • Manila Folders
  • File Cabinet
  • Bins - Plastic and fabric
  • Drawers
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Put my name on my items at school - I label everything that is mine so if someone borrows it, I am more likely to get it back

My First Label Maker: Letratag Plus - Amazon Link    Dymo Link

I bought mine at Target I believe for $25, however, I couldn't find a link to that one, although I did notice that they do still carry them at target, along with the refills. I like to use this one for projects with students where I am walking around since the other one needs to be plugged into my computer. This has less options for fonts and decor but is hand held.

Happy Organizing.

Until next time...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hue Light Bulb Review

Hue Light Bulb Website
Apple Website

I was lucky enough to get the Hue Light Bulbs as a gift. I wouldn't normally purchase this $200 plus starter set. I did find the below photo on a google search because I threw my box away before I could photograph it :(

This is what your starter kit comes with. 3 Light bulbs, the wireless router, and you are ready to go. You download the app to any of your smartphones and follow the directions. It is probably the easiest thing I have ever used in my entire life. I would set from opening the box to using the lights took me about 20 minutes. You do have to plug in the wireless router and sync it to your phone/lights. 

Why am I excited about a light bulb? These light bulbs can be controlled from your phone or iPad  they change colors - pretty much any color you can think of, you can take a photo and use the colors from that photo, you can dim your lights, and you don't even have to be home to control the lights!!!!!

They have lowered my electric bill as well because I keep them on dim or a low color. I would say a good $50 lower, which for me is awesome, I am doing everything possible to SAVE money. Oh the joys of being a teacher.

If you have the opportunity to purchase this, I would def recommend it. 
I was NOT compensated at all for this review.

Until next time...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beach Wedding Attire in Florida

I am heading to Florida for a wedding in August, I found the perfect dress to wear. I have been obsessed with Victoria's Secret dresses this season, so here is the one I am excited about.

Hair: Long with wavy curls, down probably will not wear it up as I like the look of the girl in the picture.

Shoes: I had to do gold as this is my new color this season. Plus, I want to be able to get down on the dance floor without having to take my shoes off, eww I hate taking my shoes off at the dance floor. Someone has always dropped their drink and its sticky.

I am struggling with jewelry. I was thinking a gold bracelet, not do anything too huge since my hair will be down.


Clutch: I decided to go with the new White Coach Wristlet  It is absolutely beautiful. Coach is my ultimate favorite thing to purchase.

Until next time...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Vaseline - Spray and Go Product Review Friday!!!

Vaseline Spray and Go

They have three flavors: Coco (which I am reviewing), aloe vera, and total moisture.

 From my bathroom sink!

I have to start with I have used a ton of different coco butter lotions and moisturizing lotions. As I have stated before, I am very oily and have problems finding products that do not make me feel oily and/or sweaty. I LOVE this lotion. Not only is it easy to put on, goes on in a minute, and dries very shortly after that, you have ZERO oily feeling, plus you can put on shoes quickly after and not slip out of them. Ladies who have had that issue with lotions will LOVE this one. I like the coco butter scent and now that I have the $2 off to try the other scents, I am happily going to do so!!! 

I read a lot of mixed reviews on this product so I was reluctant to try

If you google Vaseline Spray and Go Coupon - you will find multiple $2 offers to try.

Let me know what you think if you try it!!!
Until next time....

Thursday, June 6, 2013

2nd 5K: Joe Cassella

I ran my second 5K - if you follow me on instagram you know this! Joe Cassella 5K You can see tons of photos from the day at their website.

My time was 35 minutes again, which at first I was upset about however, this course was throughout a neighborhood and had A TON of hills which my first 5K did not, so I felt it was an improvement since I was able to keep up with my time with the hills.

This one was more personal as it was a friend's brother who passed and he started a foundation in his honor. 

This year the proceeds of the money went to this sweet girl below who walked the 5K with her family and tons of supporters. It was tear jerking and amazing. This girl is such an inspiration.

WAHOO! 5Ks are the best.

Until next time.... REMEMBER TO SAVE THE DATE FOR NEXT YEAR - Sunday, May 18 - see you there!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WEDDING Wednesday - not too expensive cute stuff!!!

So after going to that awesome wedding, I had found some awesome stuff at my favorite place TARGET! I am not going to lie if I could design my entire new place and office in everything target... okay I'll be honest a little amazon as well, I will be the happiest camper ever.

How cute is this stuff:

You already saw this awesome hoodie zip up 

OMG I am so going to have to do this when I find a husband LINK

Cutest something blue ever! LINK

Bride to be banner:

Can you tell I have wedding fever from an awesome wedding :)

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

AHHHH! I had a blonde moment.

So it looks like I have been a bad blogger and to an extent I have. It is the end of the school year, which for those of you who teach or know a teacher, we are going CRAZY right now. Cleaning out your stuff, closing out your school year, grades, evaluation, etc. etc. I won't complain too much because I love my job. 

With that sad, I scheduled a bunch of blog posts so I could relax a little, well, it didn't work - what can I say, I am still new to the blogging world. I am going to hopefully fix that shortly and all my of previous posts that were supposed to post will finally do so.

So I hope you will forgive me. Since this is my first year in my new position, I truly didn't know everything I had to accomplish in such a short time frame. 

Only 11 more days! I cannot wait. Even though I have to work all summer, at least I can get some stuff done without the children here - I know sounds crazy.

I am looking forward to having a glass of wine tonight and catching up on everyone's blogs. I have totally missed you and thank you for all of the sweet emails in my absence!

Until next time...

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Fabulous Health Expo

I have been so lucky to plan events for my school and the community we reach. I recently planned a health expo that I felt I should give a shout out to all of the vendors that helped us. They were completely amazing! We had goodie bags, a presentation from the student winner of most creative recipe who went to the white house, we also had fitness classes going on, and relaxation techniques. SO MUCH FUN!

All of these people donated items for FREE or services to our amazing school: - Annandale, VA

Until next time...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wedding in Coral and Grey!

I love this color scheme! It really looked beautiful.

Coral and Grey was totally beautiful.

She made the above Seating Chart by hand - she has the most amazing handwriting, using her coral and grey theme. It was truly spectacular. 

I will show you the tables again below:
They were the perfect amount of "stuff" to make the table look dressy but not over done either.

She had a cupcake table with all different flavors which was the highlight of the wedding besides open bar of course.

This was the first wedding I have ever gone to stag! It is super hard but I luckily had a great time with my co-workers.

The bride in the middle and her husband subbed at our school until he got his current job, with another teacher! We are just so much fun :)

Until next time....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Favorite Co-Worker's Wedding at Toftrees!

I went to Toftree's Resort for my favorite co-worker's wedding! It is a golf resort near Penn State. WOW was it beautiful. I didn't get a chance to play golf as we were busy but I absolutely loved my surroundings and the location of the resort. I was super impressed with the staff at this resort, they knew me by name when I checked in, they got my price incorrect and fixed it right away when I realized it. I had the cutest welcome back, courtesy of my amazing co-worker that was in my room already when I arrived.

The ceremony was outside and it could not have been a more perfect day. It was sunny and a little windy but not so hot you were sweating and loosing your mind. It was beautiful and I am so happy for them. 
I love the facial expressions here! Sums up why I love this girl so much.

Bought this for my favorite bride from Target she wore it to the rehearsal dinner :)

I made this on the app Beautiful Mess and posted it on instagram so all of our fabulous students could comment and share their happy well wishes with the bride.

We had such a blast with, dancing all night, and enjoying the photobooth - here is how they introduced it so cute!!
Super awesome idea.

Here is what I wore:
Purse Coach, Dress and Necklace JCREW

Until next time, I'll share all the details of the reception.