Before 30!

Okay, it is my 70 before 30 list! :)
I turn 30 in December 2015
  1. Be debt free
  2. Raise my credit score 
  3. Increase savings account by at least $5000 more
  4. Make a budget and actually follow it
  5. Buy a car - See Review Here
  6. Buy a house
  7. Start a business
  8. Have a non-profit part of this business
  9. Start an online store - Amazon
  10. Get my Masters Degree
  11. Get a dog
  12. Get engaged
  13. Plan the wedding of my dreams
  14. Stay at this Pink Hotel
  15. Have the marriage of a lifetime
  16. Become a mommy
  17. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  18. Join an adult sports team - softball
  19. Climb a rock wall
  20. Improve my bowling score to be consistently over 100
  21. Clean out my stuff at my parents house - donate, sell, and trash
  22. Have a Garage Sale - See Post Here
  23. Organize my current place
  24. Redesign my office with new theme of Black, White, and Fucshia - Before & After
  25. Join a Gym - XSport Fitness Review
  26. Run a 5K - See Experience Here, 2nd
  27. Cook 5-6 times a week
  28. Host a dinner party where I prepare all of the food
  29. Take a cruise with my girl friends
  30. Go to Disney World, Universal - Harry Potter World
  31. Have a skin care routine that works for me - Skin Routine #1 - Skin Routine #2
  32. Feel beautiful - work on doing my own hair and makeup - Hair
  33. Build my wardrobe
  34. Buy and do some activities from Living Social
  35. Continue to volunteer with the Wounded Warrior Ministry
  36. Read 100 Books - See List Here
  37. Take a computer classes on website design
  38. Finish a knitting project
  39. Finish current scrapbook projects
  40. DIY - 1 project a month
  41. Travel - Europe, Vegas, Hawaii, Disney cruise, Japan, Australia
  42. Visit my cousin in Texas - invest more in this relationship
  43. Update my will
  44. Send more letter mail instead of emails to family/friends
  45. Actually send out Christmas cards
  46. Host a fundraiser in honor of my 2 Grandmas that died of Pancreatic Cancer
  47. Go to a Professional Football Game
  48. Go a wine tour with 4 or more vineyards
  49. Manage my stress better
  50. Do a pass it on project once a month - Dinners for Students
  51. Do circuit projects
  52. No fast food - take it out of my life
  53. Talk with Family on the phone more
  54. Meet biological family - I'm Adopted
  55. Make a cleaning schedule so I don't spend an entire day cleaning, just a little everyday
  56. Make a Mandy Binder
  57. Do a detox
  58. Have sinus surgery
  59. Get laser eye surgery
  60. Try Botox
  61. Get laser hair removal
  62. Go to Florida and stay in the pink hotel
  63. Apologize to those I've done wrong and forgive those who have wronged me
  64. Spend more time with God/Jesus
  65. Pay for a strangers meal
  66. Meet a bloggy friend
  67. Swim in the world's largest pool
  68. Jump in a pool fully clothed
  69. Have a Spa Day
  70. Move and Live somewhere outside of Washington DC (DMV) area
  71. Zip Lining
  72. Snow Tubing
  73. Write a book
  74. Purchase a big girl Bag and Shoes
  75. Find my signature drink
  76. Have watched all movie on the IMDB top 250 My watch list