Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog Everyday in May: Letting go

Letting go....

The topic for today was what does it mean to let go for you. This has kind of been the theme of my blog. I am learning to let go of all guilt, bad feelings, low self-esteem, and anything sad. But I feel like I have been talking about this a lot. So here is a twist on letting go for me!

Items I am letting go of:

1. My book collection: I have a million books that I haven't touched since Middle School that I want to start giving to my students. I'm not getting rid of Harry Potter because I want to read this with my future children, so I'm starting my own loaners at school!

2. Make Up: I have a TON of make up I have bought and never used or need to throw away because it is so old. I found some rules above in a google search that I thought would really help my mission!

3. Office Supplies: Since I was young, I have been collecting office supplies. I am not sure what it is. I love pens, binders, notebooks, pencils, erasers, everything office and I love it! I have an entire Amazon Wish List to the perfect office supplies and I purchase something new every month! I know nuts. I want to start giving these supplies to my students who need them so much more than my basement!

Until next time...