Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog Every Day In May: 5 Blog I love read daily and why

5 Blogs I love and why:

1. Of course my Big: Bekah from re-solve
She has been such a blessing and great source of inspiration and keeping me on the "hope" train for a lack of a better word.

2. J's Everyday Fashion 
This blog shares a different outfit every day and gives you various options of where you can find the pieces that she has used for the outfits. I love checking out the links and options for each outfit. Great resource for affordable and cute outfits.

3. Forever Newly Wedded
Karla is awesome. She works toward keeping her marriage fresh and shares her ideas, life, and fun with her readers. I love her writing and appreciate reading it everyday.

4. Somewhere over the Camo
Her name is Amanda as well so she has to be amazing :) She's a cute little red head, who is a military wife sharing her story. You will love it.

5. From here to eternity with Eric & Courtney
Courtney writes about everything and is married, has a baby, and is a hairstylist. She is really positive and upbeat. I love reading her blog every day.

Until next time...