Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chevron Labels

My favorite thing to do with free time is to make printables, graphics, and organize! I'm saving up for a Macbook as of course the best printables are on them. Here are some labels that I made. They are chevron black/white with fuchsia boxes because I love these colors and organizing my stuff. My entire office is Black, White, and Fuchsia, I will post later on my office redesign. Here is what I used while teaching: Grade, File, Copy.
I picked these three because they work for me. I have changed them to File, Office, To Do, when I switched into my administrative role:
Here is my other bin of paperwork. I use Registration (forms that parents have to fill out), Purchase, Paper, Building Use, Next Week (what needs to be done), and Return (items I get that need to go to employees). This system works for me but feel free to use whatever is best for you!

I made these in PowerPoint using font Cafe Rojo Click the link to download it for free. If you need help installing the fonts send me an email, I can walk you through it. It is easy once you do it one time.

Here is my PowerPoint FREE, Remember to view the Cafe Rojo font, you will have to download it, once you have it you can use that or any other font that you like.

Enjoy! Hope you like it.

Until next time...