Monday, April 1, 2013

Beauty Review Monday: Too Faced Air Buffed BB Cream

****I was not paid to do this review.

I just found this product at Ulta the other day. I have said before, I have acne prone skin and dark circles under my eye. It is extremely hard to find products that will cover and be close to my skin color. The color I used if Vanilla Glow. 

I loved how the above pictures were designed, you can see her review at the above link. She also shows a before and after picture which were fabulous. I will update with my before and after photos as soon as I can.

The brush that comes with the product is a flat brush and blends with your skin wonderfully. The BB Cream is solid and when applied it goes on extremely smooth. It is not heavy, I didn't feel like I was wearing anything on my face. 

***Negative: I felt it covers dark circles and small acne problems AMAZINGLY, any large marks though, I did feel the need to use another product in addition to this one. Perhaps I need to keep practicing to get the full coverage, but it did an amazing job under my eyes, I haven't been able to find anything in YEARS!!

I am extremely happy with this purchase and color. 

Until next time...