Friday, April 12, 2013

Funday Friday - Evil Dead Movie Review

Evil Dead Movie Review
I had no idea this was a remake to start. So you may recognize this....
Let's just say I am a horror movie lover, nothing scares me and nothing grosses me out. I never closed my eyes once for any Saw movie or any movie ever. With that said, I did get grossed out during 2 parts of this movie - spoiler alert. I did say, "ewww" to when the girl was sawing her own face off with a piece of mirror shard and when another girl cut her arm off with a kitchen saw and then it hung with a piece of muscle and fell to the floor. It did look very real with both incidents so that is probably how I got the eww. I didn't close my eyes or get scared once. I know... I should have been a doctor or a police investigator, it is a talent, I don't mean to brag or sound arrogant. This is just a truth that nothing grosses me out. :)

My favorite line from the movie, the possessed girl says to her brother, "Come here pretty boy, let me suck your d***." The voice is so hysterical you cannot help yourself but to laugh because it comes at the most non-logical moment for some possessed demon to be sexual. But what can I say I laugh at stupid things.

Overall, the plot was predictable, it looked like Cabin in the Woods - which I loved, was the scene of the movie. It was almost like the producer said, hey you are done with the movie, let me borrow it and make a bad remake. Worth watching once the movie is free on Netflix.

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