Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nats Game & Ugly Mug

Last night, I went to the National's Game. I'm a sports girl, very competitive and likes to have "goals" in mind for what I am doing. Although, I have to say, nothing is like watching baseball live. I don't personally watch it at home on the TV when my teams are on. But some friends got free tickets so when in Rome right? I won't lie I watched all of 15 minutes, the score was only 1-0, they won WAHOO! The Reds were alright. I very much enjoyed talking to all of the interesting people, that place was full of interesting people. 

We started out at the Ugly Mug which has cute golf carts that take you to and from the game every 15-20 minutes so you don't have to pay the crazy amounts of money to park at the Nationals Parking. The food is typical bar food, we had the nachos and pepperoni roll - which was AWESOME. I went with some special education teachers from my school and split a bottle of wine that supports Autism - who knew you could enjoy a good drink and support my favorite students at the school. 

After the game, we came back and enjoyed some dancing and drinks. The music was a range of everything and again awesome people to talk to, from all different part of the DC area and looking to mingle. Like I said I'm a talker. I cannot tell a lie though, I'm old now and can't stay out all night, I had to sleep the entire next day. Even though I didn't drink a ton - I hate when people do that, although those are some of the funniest things to watch.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Until next time...