Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chemical Peel - MedSpa

Radiance Medspa - Chemical Peel

I had a chemical peel done at Radiance MedSpa. I think it is important to remind everyone that I do not get paid for the reviews that I write. The spa staff was extremely helpful, I had a million questions. I was very nervous and scared to have a layer of my face melted off. 

My suggestion if you are thinking of doing this treatment are:
-If you have acne/oily skin
-Want a baby butt soft face
-Do not have sensitive skin at all

This was an expensive treatment I spent $115 including tip. I have done microdermabrasion before and that really made my face and skin look young, soft, and minimize my pores. The chemical peel took the first layer off my face, making my face look amazing. I suggest you do this on a Thursday on a weekend you aren't doing anything, it will take at least 3 days for your face to flake off. You cannot touch it or help with the peel process! Which was really hard for me. You need to use Cetaphil to wash your face for a week afterwards. No working out or showering for 24 hours. 

The lady who did the procedure was AWESOME! She walked me through the entire process, telling me what would happen next and asking for my feedback, which I really appreciated since I was nervous doing something new.

As I said my skin looked beautiful, but it stayed RED for an extremely long time. I would say 3 weeks, my face was very red and looked like it had been sunburned, then it moved to splochy red, then cleared up. 

Would I do this again, yes, and wouldn't exfoliate for a week before the treatment. I exfoliate pretty much every day so I imagine this would make my skin more sensitive. 

Radiance MedSpa - Fairfax
Radiance MedSpa - Old Town
Radiance MedSpa - DC

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