Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Movie Review - The Place Beyond the Pines

IMDb Review

I went and saw this movie at the new Angelika Theatre (Yelp Review). As of 4/17, the website for the theatre wasn't working, if this changes, I will add the link. This theatre is in the new Merrifield shopping center also known as the Mosaic, which is BRAND new and beautiful. It has a very modern, clean, and as it states: "urban" feel to it. The shops are great and they have FREE parking, plus a TARGET. I could happily spend my days here.

The theatre looks like this:
found from a google search

From the inside you can of course see out and they have lots of waterfalls walking up which are a beautiful touch. It makes the place look very classy. The movie tickets are similar in price to all the movie theatres in the area. You are able to get BETTER treats, although they are expensive. You can get a custom topping popcorn but it is $10 for what a normal small popcorn would be at Tysons. I did have wine which was a nice relaxing touch, it was $10 a glass. 

Now on to the movie...
I have to give this movie an awesome rating. The reason it isn't fantastic is because I assumed their would be more action in the movie considering the actors/actress in this flick. The story is interesting, yet a little predictable. If you are a movie watcher like I am, you will see what I mean. I do not like the ruin the endings, so you will have to see for yourself but you will find yourself guessing what is going to happen next and you will be correct. I agree with the "riveting crime drama" from the poster. It definitely has the drama and yes some crime. I have to say that Ryan Gosling doesn't look as beautiful in this movie as he has in others. Bradley Cooper does a great job, I really liked his character in this movie. 

Until next time...