Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dinners for my sweet children

So this is a post that I hold close to my heart. I LOVE my students, all 1,000 of them. They are diverse - we speak 48 languages and come from 80 countries. 85% of the student population so 850 students receive free breakfast and lunch from the school. They are extremely poor and their parents/families are working hard, at whatever job they can get, which means they are hungry. 
Through the after-school program that I run, we are going out into our community and getting different churches, volunteer groups, and businesses involved in feeding our children each afternoon. So far we have three days a week. My goal is to offer dinner to students every night of the week. Now I know my students will not be hungry and be able to perform academically and socially the best they can!

I have been lucky enough to grow up in the DC area and have a job that allows me to give back to this area where I was given so much. Each and every day it is important to remember even in America, even in the Nations capital, people are without and we don't have to leave our neighborhood to give back! Love you my wonderful students. Keep learning.

Until next time...