Saturday, April 20, 2013

Glo Run 5K - Another 30 before 30!!!

Glo Run 5K

So I completed another 30 before 30 mission! This was the perfect first 5K run for me to do. It was full of people who did not want to run, they walked, and it was very low key on the competitive nature. I cannot lie, if you are nervous about running a race but are an okay runner, this will help with your confidence as everyone is extremely supportive. I was able to run the entire thing in 35 minutes. I was extremely proud of myself.It was the perfect night in National Harbor as well. Beautiful weather! Everyone had on fun shirts, glow sticks, glow paint, etc. Plus afterwards they have a huge party with a DJ. Tons of people are cheering you on and encouraging you. The celebration party afterwards is fabulous, DJ was great, they provided snacks and water when you finished, plus of course free glo sticks. If you sign up early enough you get glo glasses.

Negative part of the run, well any run or event you do at National Harbor: leave at least 2 hours before your event. We spent an hour and half trying to get off the highway to the parking lot. Parking was NOT free for this event and expensive. 


If you are looking to knock one off your list, I definitely recommend this run. Here are some other runs I found that I am going to sign up for. I'm looking to run 1 a month to keep me going. Still looking for August & October. 

Color Run - May 19
Disco Dash - June 23
Biggest Loser 5K - July 14
Divas 5K - Women Only - September 14
Urban Dare - November 2

***I'm going to find a Teens Run event to go with my students, we have an after school running club. Very cool website that I found for teens to run in the area.

Until next time.... Happy Running!