Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 the year I am debt FREE!

30 before 30 #1: Debt Free Ideas

I am doing a TOP 15 on how I became debt free, I tried to make it less that this but that just wasn't possible. It took a lot of life changes - kind of like going on a diet to do this. BUT, I am the happiness person now that I am debt free and have been able to SAVE!!!
1.  Education
- This is essential to making as much money as you can, but comes with a debt price. I am about to finish my Master's degree, which I paid for myself, with some help of my job. If you are able to have your job reimburse you as I did - this is a fabulous way to further your education and better your salary. I purposefully took longer than I could have to get my Masters as my job will reimburse me $800 a semester for class as long as I receive an A or B for the class. I did have to spend the money on the class up front which was a struggle each month but worth it when I received the reimbursement!

- Undergrad - I won't lie. I am one of the luckiest girls in the world, my parents paid for my entire undergrad except one semester. I paid for this semester myself and did a payment plan through Sallie Mae to pay it off in two years, zero interest. It was a little over $10,000 for the semester. 

- If you have student loans, do your research. I work at a high poverty school which qualifies for tuition reimbursement if you work there for 5 years, you receive $17,000 forgiveness on your loans. They do not advertise this option, I had to research it. A ton of my teacher friends have been doing this. It is totally worth it.

- Many of my teacher friends also defer payments during the summers as we do not get paid anymore during the summer. This is very helpful as most summer paying jobs do not make near your teacher salary.

Share your ideas to handle student loans! I love to hear more options that I don't know about.

Until next time...