Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturdays: Happiness Project

Mandy's Happiness Project

I made the first step to my happiness, I ordered the Happiness Project on Amazon, yes a like new copy - why not save the money. 

Here is my list of things I would like to change:

- I get annoyed with people very easily. Especially when they do something stupid, yet I am queen of doing stupid things! I know that if someone followed me around and heard all of the stupid things I said, they would be annoyed with me too!

- I am super self critical. I want to stop over-analyzing my own self. That will completely free me!

- I complain especially about work. My poor family and friends. I would love to complain less and have more constructive conversations.

- I can get in a negative rut. Which is very hard to get out of. 

I am hoping that this book will help kick start and keep me on the route to happiness. I'll keep you updated as I go!

Until next time...