Monday, January 6, 2014

Macbook Air Product Review

Macbook Website

I received this for Christmas. I have been wanting a Macbook for many years now. I was extremely excited to get it. It is probably the coolest piece of equipment I have ever owned. This is going to take making worksheets, flyers, and websites to a whole new level. It does take some getting used to if like me you have been a PC User. Even though I have an IPad and IPhone, it still takes some time to get used to. Google has been my best friend with this purchase. Anything I am unsure of I google it and easily find answers. 

What makes a Mac a Mac - this is a good overview of what your new purchase is.

The first new thing is:

Magic Mouse Website
Track Pad on the computer
Multi-Track Gestures - click for the list of how to do them

The mouse and pad do not have right click. So for someone who is used to this on a PC, you have to get used to using your fingers differently. Once you get used to it, it is fabulous!

You can connect your Icloud account so everything can be linked to your Phone and IPad. I have already started downloading apps and Microsoft Package. The Microsoft does look different from your PC version, so you do have to play around to familiarize yourself with it, but it does everything your regular version does. 

The ONLY thing I do not like about my Air is that you cannot make your font larger always. In otherwords, you can Zoom on the majority of pages (see the gestures above for how to do this), but it doesn't stay like this. 

Fixable annoyance: The air only has 2 USB ports. I use up to 4 or 5 at a time for work. So I purchased an extension with 5 USB ports

Other accessories I have purchased:
Pink Skin: I hate having to clean my keys all of the time and it added a hint of color to my macbook to make it more personal. I LOVE pink if you haven't figured that out by my blog yet! :)

White Shell: The air is very thin and I am VERY clumsy. This shell will help make the air a little thicker and protect it from getting dirty. I'm very excited about it. I ordered it online and it hasn't come in yet. So I'll show pictures when I finally get it all put together.

As I learn new things, I will post more information! Feel free to share your MAC tips with me, Lord knows I need them :)

Until next time...