Thursday, June 6, 2013

2nd 5K: Joe Cassella

I ran my second 5K - if you follow me on instagram you know this! Joe Cassella 5K You can see tons of photos from the day at their website.

My time was 35 minutes again, which at first I was upset about however, this course was throughout a neighborhood and had A TON of hills which my first 5K did not, so I felt it was an improvement since I was able to keep up with my time with the hills.

This one was more personal as it was a friend's brother who passed and he started a foundation in his honor. 

This year the proceeds of the money went to this sweet girl below who walked the 5K with her family and tons of supporters. It was tear jerking and amazing. This girl is such an inspiration.

WAHOO! 5Ks are the best.

Until next time.... REMEMBER TO SAVE THE DATE FOR NEXT YEAR - Sunday, May 18 - see you there!!!