Saturday, July 13, 2013

Garage Saleing it!

Today my neighbors and I had an AWESOME garage sale. I live on a circle so we all decided to have a garage sale and get rid of all that junk I have sitting in my basement that is collecting dust. Here is what I sold:

  • DVDs
  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Belts
  • PURSES - this was the hot item
  • Shoes 
  • Beauty Products that I have never used
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Cell phones - I had a ton of old cell phones with the chargers
  • Cords - USBs most popular
  • Play Station 2 with games

We made $500. We made this in 3 and half hours. I wish I made that much in my job. We didn't really have any large purchases, except the Play Station 2 - I had gotten it as a going to college present and I made used it 10 times. It got swept away in 5 minutes I'm not kidding.

Places to post your garage sale:

*****Suggestions on posting for your garage sale: 
  • BE SPECIFIC on what items you are selling
  • Post pictures if you can, especially of items you are wanting to get rid of furniture/toys. 
  • People are happy to come check it out but many people had a mission and came looking for specifics. The play station sold in 5 minutes because I posted it specifically. 

***** Suggestions on organizing your items for sale: 
  • For electronic items I put them in baggies and labeled them. The cell phones had the phone with charger. 
  • Of course put like items together.
  • Clothing items I put up a bar and hung everything, including the purses at first - I actually suggest putting them out on a table people liked being able to look at them and touch them.
  • Flip flops were a HOT item - I had a bunch I only wore 1 time so everyone wanted them.
**** Other lessons learned: 
  • In the morning or when you open have your prices higher people will pay that price. Lower the prices as the day goes on.
  • Some people will want to negotiate with you so if your price is a bit higher than you are wanting, you will get the price you are desiring. 
  • I was surprised most people did not negotiate. 
  • Multi-family is the way to go, so if you want to have one ask your neighbors, I definitely feel more people came because they could look at more than one sale at a time. 
  • Have CHANGE!!! This was so helpful - thank you mom for thinking of this.
  • Find a neighbor with a truck - all of the items we didn't sell we took to my church who does a hand out service to families in need. They were so excited to get this stuff - or good will or whoever you want!
Until next time...