Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back to work already?!

2014 is going to be my year to learn to balance work and my life. I am horrible at being married to my job. For me to be happy and have a great life - is to actually live a life. So I am getting a divorce from my job this year and hoping to have an AWESOME affair. HAHA! 

Having a 2 week Winter Break this year was extremely refreshing, relaxing, and nice to get away from the school building. Here is a great article about overcoming teacher burnout. It is a very real thing. I have read all of the articles and know that I have to have my hobbies and make sure I do things for myself. A lot of times it is like being a mom - you loose yourself wanting to support and be there for your students. 
My desk thankfully has never looked like this, but at times it feels like it looks like this. Teaching hasn't fully moved to the 21st Century. The amounts of paperwork can be extremely overwhelming. Having a system to organize things is SO IMPORTANT. I have plastic bins near my door that say "File, Office, To Do". This allows me to go through my mail/mailbox quickly and not put the papers on my desk. Once you put them on the desk, it is the end! hahaha! You never know if they will make it to the surface again. 

File - goes in my file cabinet, either myself or my assistant will file them.
Office - items that need to be signed, or delivered to a mailbox
To Do - these are things that I need to complete and do as soon as possible

I'd love to hear about your organization system. Other perspectives are always helpful and can help modify into an even better system.

Here's to work/life balance! We can all do it! 

Until next time...