Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Resolution

2014 Goals: 

1.   Work out on Weekdays
2.   Pack my Lunch
3.   Not take work home except for Quarterly Reporting and work my hours
4.   Cook 5 nights a week
5.   Blog every day 

How am I going to do this?

1.   I am going to continue to take classes at XSport near my job and go straight from work. I have found I easily convince myself to not go because I'm tired or don't want to get up on the weekends, so it is easier for me to do it during the week, take off on the weekends or do a 5K.

2.   Lunches - I spent a fortune last year on lunch! So the only time I will eat out for lunch is when I have a gift card. 

3.   Not taking work home is going to be extremely hard for me! I love working, my kids, and doing bigger and better things each day. I hold myself to extremely high standards and am always pushing myself to be better. I need to give myself time to have a life, relax, and enjoy.

4.   Not only will this save me money, but I need to refine my skills. I have been doing a lot of Paleo cooking because it is healthy and my best friend is into the Crossfit and Caveman diet, so it is fun to have a cooking partner.

5.   BLOGGING - I let work take over my life this past year so this is going to be my outlet and force to have fun so I have something to say every day!

Until next time...