Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Organization Binder

Honesty Alert: I'm cheap and always wanting to be organized. I won't spend $50 or more on the organizing/calendars that I see online made by so many of the bloggers that I enjoy. What can I say? Trying to save money is hard work. So this year, I went January 2 to Target and found a 50% off pink agenda. 
So I took the spine off, cut the pages, punched holes, and put them in my favorite PINK binder. I used binder cover sheets for important information that I need for work. I also was able to throw away the stuff that I don't want and add more - my favorite To Do List for starters, Phone List, Website list, Passwords!

I absolutely love the pink stripes. Plus the first page is laminated so they pages won't rip. 
Tabs for each month. With a monthly calendar and weekly pages. I love the weekly pages. You have the week on the left side and notes on the right side.

Specific school stuff I added - Activity Calendar, Medical List, Phone Numbers, Licenses I need for after school, my teaching license information, and important websites/passwords. 

I absolutely love getting organized. I keep an online calendar as well - my work uses outlook. So each evening before I leave, I add what I need for the next day to my binder so I have it. This works perfect for me. I keep it in my work bag and always have a hard and electronic copy! I cannot tell you how many times I have lost items online.
What do you use to keep organized? I love new ideas.

Until next time...