Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tough Week

As I posted earlier this week, I had a co-worker and student's father pass. Not to mention in the celebrity world their seems to be a lot of death as well. The story behind my co-worker's death has come out. She was 26 years old, at her best friends wedding dancing at the reception. She had a heart attack while dancing. The paramedics were able to revive her at the wedding and transported her to the hospital, this was on Friday night, she was unconscious until Sunday morning when she had a second heart attack and passed. Such a baby, not married yet and living life to the fullest.

She has definitely opened my eyes to reminding me why I made this blog and all of the things that I want to accomplish before I turn 30. When I pass I want people to be able to say the same things about me - I always lived life to the fullest and had no regrets. She worked for me during after-school program. My favorite memory of her is that she was freaking out one afternoon not able to find her wallet. We searched her classroom, everywhere she had been that day because she swore she brought it in that morning. After an hour of looking, we decided to cancel her cards and order a new license. She then proceeds to go home. 5 minutes later she comes into the school again holding her wallet. She had left it in her car. We laughed for about 15 minutes! It was hysterical, the only place we didn't look and there it was.

My student has lots of health problems, but you would never know it. She always has a smile on her face, not to mention when you hear her laugh you cannot help but smile from ear to ear. She is a true inspiration. To have her father pass just makes my heart hurt and it was already aching from my co-worker. Her mother had disowned her after finding out she had so many health problems. She luckily has an aunt and uncle who have taken over custody and they live pretty close to the school. 

I feel like God continually is showing me how lucky I am and don't waste my time here on earth. I'm not going to. Lots of 30 before 30 in the works. Cannot wait to share with you! ***** All images were found on a google search.

Until next time...