Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Torn up Tuesday!

It is an extremely sad day for me. I have come to find out about two deaths of people I care about. 

First is a co-worker, who is 2 years younger than I am. She had a heart problem that we anticipate she didn't know about. VERY SCARY. "Only the good die young" song comes to mind. She is probably the sweetest girl I have ever met. So nice and caring. A special ed teacher at my school. Just brings tears to my eyes for her family.

One of my student's father's passed yesterday. She has a lot of health issues herself so this is especially trying for her. 

It is one of those days where I am waiting for the next blow to happen. Luckily I have a ton of work to do so I am going to focus on that.

Tomorrow will be a happy post! Promise. 

Until next time...