Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

I am a military brat - Air Force to be exact who grew up to love the following things:

  • Red, White, and Blue - our amazing flag
  • our freedoms - religion, politics, amendments
  • voting
  • our history of getting these freedoms
  • education - getting as much of it as I can
  • hard-work
  • our abilities to do whatever we want to do with our lives
  • We are meeting at 0700 hours - military time
  • schedules, organization, and being held accountable - all military qualities -

I try not to be too controversial on my blog as even though I am an opinionated person and have my beliefs, I can appreciate where other people come from/grew up and can have a conversation with people who do not believe the same things as I do and not have it blow up into a huge drama fest!!! I have found that some people do not understand this concept and stereotype me before they even have a conversation with me! I can also agree to disagree and not hold that against someone which I have also found many people cannot do this.

With the above said, I find it important to do lots of research and reading, I found this article when researching 4th of July stuff - I'm a huge reader - I love to read everyone's opinion. I thought it was very interesting:

Until next time....
Have an amazing 4th of July! God Bless America, Bless our troops at home and overseas, thank you for voting, thank you for being a contributing member of this great society!