Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's quiet around here....

I'm working this week at my school, students are gone, and most of the staff is gone as well since it is 4th of July week. I don't blame them. I want to take my leave at a different time, so I decided to come in. It is absolutely amazing how much I am getting accomplished. I am loving it.

Interviewed TONS of people who are interested in working my after-school program next year and think I have a pretty great staff, now I have to work on the contracts, schedule, training, and activities. Making progress!

Any moms, teachers, planners out there? What do you use to make your long term plans??

Of course everyone loves Erin Condren, she is blogged about constantly but I'm not sure I want to spend that much on a planner. They are beautiful and I have researched the heck out of them, but I'm just not wanting to spend the money yet. I guess I'm being cheap here.

I've seen other bloggers with super cute chevron planners from target - I haven't checked it out yet, but plan to go this week. 

Last year I used google/outlook calendars. I figured out how to sink my home and work calendars which was super awesome and that is how I did it, but I feel I need a paper copy as well to tote around with me when I go from meeting to meeting. I did print it but I don't know it's nice to see the whole month/week view in a spiral of some kind. I guess I'm still a little old school too :)

Directions to link google calendars to outlook calendars:

*** Do note that you have to send/receive while in outlook to see the updates, but every time you close and/or reopen Outlook you will see the updates. 
**** I am still figuring out how to get the items you want to add on outlook to show up on your google calendar, haven't quite figured this out yet.

Would love to hear your ideas and I'll let you know how my target trip goes - it is always over $100, ugh that place gets me every time!!!!!

Until next time...