Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Monday Morning!

I'm having one of these kind of days:
My best friend in the world got real with me last night. And can I tell you how refreshing it is to have someone who loves you so much that they nicely tell you, you are nuts. Well, she did and I appreciate her for this! We will get to this in a moment - I need to set this up for you:

I always joke about how I want a Channing Tatum look alike for my future husband. Let's be real, I walk around Washington DC on the reg and have not seen a single Channing Tatum look like, not even a close second. This depresses me. I want a blue eyed, slightly tanned and toned dream boat to fall in love with. I didn't think this would be so hard to find, oh my friend but it is. I've always been attracted to blue eyed dream boats, every one of my boyfriends - minus one (he had green eyes) is a blue eyed dream boat. 

He is currently on the cover of Vanity Fair, while waiting at the grocery store of course I look at the article. This boy make the ugly Christmas sweater look friggin' hot, I kid you not. 
I won't lie I have been in celebrity love with Tatum since he was in "She's the man" with my bff Amanda Bynes was out in 2006. I say bff because my students always ask if I am related to Amanda Bynes when they find out my name, supposedly I act like her from this movie and a few other, I hope that her melt downs though. We are talking 8 years of Channing Tatum love and movie watching. 
I will if I had been in high school when this movie came out I would have been bummed that high school boys do not look this good. 

Okay back to my point, my best friend told me that my expectations are unrealistic. Let me tell you, I needed to hear that. Why? because Disney and all other love stories have ruined me. I want the happily ever after that you see in movies and read and this is just not real life. I need a man that has a personality of the looks of Channing Tatum, this will be much more worth it in the long run than a pretty face. As my very wise grandmother told me, looks fade. She also use to tell me this hysterical riddle, "When I'm old and feeble and my pilot light is out, what used to be my sex appeal is now my water spout." Obviously this is more for a male, but she could make me laugh like crazy with this saying. I need that person who's water spout I will never tire of. Oh did I really just say that? Yes I did. The personality of my forever and ever babe, will be what I need my whole life. I'm going to get real with myself and more realistic, I want to be happy and not a loner the rest of my life. I'm allergic to cats so I can't become the cat lady. Have you ever heard of a dog lady?? I guess that will be me!

Now that I have totally freaked you out :) What can I say, I am honest, real, and will never make this crap up! Continue enjoying your July!

Until next time...