Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Always thinking...

Do you ever have those days where your brain just goes a thousand miles a minute? That has been me x10 lately. Sometimes I wonder if they put crack in my Starbucks coffee as I have been going at an exceptional light speed pace lately, especially in the shower. As you get to know me, you will learn that this is where my best thinking is done. I'm ADHD... I won't even try to hid it, I'm sure in some of my posts you can totally tell, my brain is going and going and I cannot get my thoughts down fast enough, ugh so frustrating. I edit my work sometimes and wonder what the HECK where you thinking!!!

Shower thinking today consisted of making changes in my life. I'm going through that phase where if I'm unhappy about something the only person hat can change it, make it better, or fix it..... WAIT FOR IT.... is little old me!
This is so my life!!!

Which means, I have to get off my tush and make some serious changes with how I react to other people. I have been letting other people's poor decisions, messed up moral compasses, ability to lie, cheat and steal consume my thoughts and sometimes actions.

MY BIG DECISION: Start worrying only about Mandy! She is the only one I can control, make better, make a difference with. I also heard a great analogy on the radio today, lets hope I get this right. 

"I wish people would learn that talking behind someone's back is like a dog pooping in his crate, (they usually don't because then they would have to sit in it) why would you soil the area you h ave to be for long periods of time?" 

For some reason this really spoke to me today. Me complaining about how someone is lying, cheating the system  making a bad decision, is soiling my work environment and I CAN change this. I will be honest with you I'm not a gossiper - this is why I can say this - thanks to my mother she taught me to not say anything behind someone's back that you would not or have not already said to someone's face. Any of my complaining is something I have/would say to that person's face and for some silly reason, I have not done anything about it.

Fierce Conversations - link to the amazon listing of this book
It is a book my mother was reading for work and I told her that when she is done with it I want to read it. She has been sharing various parts of it and her discussions they have been having at work and it has intrigued me. So this is going to be part of my summer reading list. It talks about having those hard conversations with people because the end result is MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER, more productive, and successful. It also questions why you are having these conversations - are you coming from the right place and motive. Oh I cannot wait to read it. If you have read it let me know.