Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Safe Haven Movie Review

Movies make me happy. I must say, I do try to see every movie possible, so much so, I sometimes get mad at Redbox for not having enough movies I haven't seen yet. I love the entertainment, the opportunity to escape for a couple of hours into the story. Oh yes, movies are my relaxation.

Finally, I got around to watching Safe Haven. Myself like probably every other woman knew going in, its a Nicholas Sparks book, I am going to cry, its going to be a great love story, and a little ify on the happy ending.

75% of the movie is predictable from the preview. The main character has a horrible experience, leaves her hometown to go as far as she can go and changes her name to Kate - yes as generic as my name :) She finds the local man, they fall in love, even though she's a liar, he loves her regardless, ex tries to come back and kill her, and you find out something crazy in the end. - I don't like to be a movie ender blower if that makes any sense. The ending is crazy and after the movie I did have to go back and think for a bit and even googled what other people thought of it. 

I loved this photo I found from googling this movie. I wish I was at the beach right now with some handsome specimen of the male species enjoying the summer! Only 7 more days until it is officially summer. YAY!

Let me know what you think about the movie.
Until next time...