Sunday, June 16, 2013

Movie Review The Descendants

The Descendants

This movie has George Clooney which is pretty much the reason I rented it. Movies are such a great way to escape and enjoy some entertainment. This movie was EXTREMELY depressing and made me just so sad. While the story line was great, the character development was fabulous, I really liked the girl from The Life of an American Teenager on CW, it was so depressing, I had a hard time getting past that. Now this is probably because you come to find out *spoiler* stop reading if you don't want to know.

George Clooney's dying wife has cheated on him and he ends up finding out who it was through friends who know about this. I guess for someone who has been cheated on and everyone knew about it this was devastating to watch. I really like Clooney in this movie and the movie raises a great point about paying attention to your spouse. Working cannot be everything to you all the time.

I would probably give this movie a 3 star review since I did like the acting just not the story.

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