Tuesday, June 4, 2013

AHHHH! I had a blonde moment.

So it looks like I have been a bad blogger and to an extent I have. It is the end of the school year, which for those of you who teach or know a teacher, we are going CRAZY right now. Cleaning out your stuff, closing out your school year, grades, evaluation, etc. etc. I won't complain too much because I love my job. 

With that sad, I scheduled a bunch of blog posts so I could relax a little, well, it didn't work - what can I say, I am still new to the blogging world. I am going to hopefully fix that shortly and all my of previous posts that were supposed to post will finally do so.

So I hope you will forgive me. Since this is my first year in my new position, I truly didn't know everything I had to accomplish in such a short time frame. 

Only 11 more days! I cannot wait. Even though I have to work all summer, at least I can get some stuff done without the children here - I know sounds crazy.

I am looking forward to having a glass of wine tonight and catching up on everyone's blogs. I have totally missed you and thank you for all of the sweet emails in my absence!

Until next time...