Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beach Wedding Attire in Florida

I am heading to Florida for a wedding in August, I found the perfect dress to wear. I have been obsessed with Victoria's Secret dresses this season, so here is the one I am excited about.

Hair: Long with wavy curls, down probably will not wear it up as I like the look of the girl in the picture.

Shoes: I had to do gold as this is my new color this season. Plus, I want to be able to get down on the dance floor without having to take my shoes off, eww I hate taking my shoes off at the dance floor. Someone has always dropped their drink and its sticky.

I am struggling with jewelry. I was thinking a gold bracelet, not do anything too huge since my hair will be down.


Clutch: I decided to go with the new White Coach Wristlet  It is absolutely beautiful. Coach is my ultimate favorite thing to purchase.

Until next time...