Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding & Event Planning Wednesday

No I'm not getting married yet, but pinterest can surely make you feel like you are :) I love to plan events and it is part of my job at my school. I have planned many friends/family's weddings, parties, etc. What a blast you can have! 

My current addiction on pinterest: PINK RINGS - as you can tell I love pink. The man of my dreams will know I want pink so, if you ever read this man of my dreams - pink will win my heart. I love reality TV and saw Jwoww's Pink Ring - picture below, beautiful.

Here are 4 engagement rings I found with pink, more in my price range. :)

I found this on pinterest, the link said that the ring no longer existed - oh my dreams shattered!

Here is the website I found this one on.

I found this one here.

Of course this link doesn't work either, found on Pinterest.

Wedding BAND idea :)
I found it a while ago on the DeBeer's Website, but it is no longer listed, I did put the link to their website.

I'm pink crazy! I worked on my office today, hope to finish tomorrow, looking forward to SHARING! It is a hot mess - but a work in progress. 

Until next time...