Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Reality TV Problems

I have a guilty pleasure. I LOVE trashy reality television. You must think okay she watches one here or there. No I seriously watch every reality show that I can get my hands on, they make me smile and feel so NORMAL! I love being able to do work while I watch and laugh my butt off! 

***My newest additionWicked Single - Here is my review: You have to get used to the accents, even more drinking than Jersey Shore, and if you are like me newly single, it is a little depressing to see all of the male drinking and lack of any want for a serious relationship, but still very funny and lots of drama which I love to watch and not experience in real life. I cannot STAND drama in real life, which is probably why I love reality TV.

Here is my list of previous and current reality shows - get ready for a long list:
Biggest Loser - MY FAVORITE - Just finished their season - Danni was inspirational!
Dr. Phil - I want to meet him one day - I need to add this to my 30 before 30 list. He is amazing in all ways.
Bachelor/Bachelorette - liked Sean - very surprised with his pick. 
Real Housewives - My favorite is Orange County & New Jersey
Bethanny Ever After & TV Show - Bethanny is great tv, she seems very real.
Intervention - Who doesn't love inspirational stories of people overcoming addiction, my one glass of wine at night is totally normal :)
Baseball wives - Anna Benson is a hysterical nut! You cannot hate her, you have to love her.
Mob Wives - I'm addicted to this show. The wives are fabulous, I enjoy googleing their Mobsters very interesting.
Preachers' Daughters - Just started this and not into it yet
Dance Moms - Abbey Lee is great! This season is showing a new side of her.
Basketball Wives - Awesome.
Sisterhood - Who doesn't love preacher's wives, southern charm, and drama.
Celebrity Wife Swap - This is so good! Really see celebrities lives.
Celebrity Apprentice  - Trump - I love him.
My Fair Wedding - I did watch this religiously when it was on.
Couples Therapy - LOVE!! Watched the celebrity one as well so interesting.
Real World - Who doesn't love this.
Jersey Shore - Come on I was an angel in college compared to these kids.
Snooki & Jwoww - Very interesting.
Teen Mom - Again I'm an angel - 27 no baby daddies yet :)
Laguna Beach - classic
Sister Wives - Insight to a life I could never live.
Giliana & Bill - Such a touching last season while they get a baby.
Supernanny - I work with children this is fabulous. 
Teen Trouble - Similar to intervention - love the guy on this show, he has a story similar to the teens on the show.
Project Runway - I wish I was creative like this for a day would be a dream of mine.
Bar Rescue  - such cool concepts, very impression redos.
Catfish - makes me never want to online date ever. 
A Baby Story - cute babies oh wow. 
Four Weddings - I have so much fun grading the weddings myself. 
Say Yes to the Dress - :)
DC Cupcakes - I live here I have to watch it.
Mystery Diseases - what can I say I'm a sicko - NOTHING grosses me out, you will find this out about me.
I didn't know I was Pregnant - how is this possible that they made a show about this, I am always fabbergasted by this.
Nick and Jessica - :( I still love this show even though they broke up.
Kendra - 
Shredding for the wedding
Keeping up with the Kardashians 
Married to Jonas - LOVE the Jonas' they are so wonderful.
Kourtney and Kim Take Miami
Bridal Plasty - oh this is just a crazy concept.

I will add: What would Ryan Lochte Do? Starts April 2 - review to come.

I'm sure that there are more that I have watched and just don't remember. For some reason, these shows make me feel like my life - that I feel is sometimes dramatic, crazy, and gives me the wow feelings - isn't really so nuts. I'm pretty normal and the things that happen to me are life and it's okay - I haven't lost it or need mental help - YET! I do have to say I love watching TV where I don't have to think and can laugh, laugh, laugh, often!

Until next time...