Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cheap DIY for my Desk!!!

I am trying to be more creative, resourceful, and have a little fun in my life! I cleaned out my office at work, and found a jar that I bought from the dollar tree. Yes, $1! See below.

I also saw some of the marbles. I didn't like any of the color selection that they had, so I went with the clear ones.

I decided it was too boring so I broke down and bought some of this washi tape that everyone continues to talk about being so awesome and amazing. I hadn't used it yet so decided it was about time.
Of course I got pink tape, it also came with a silver, but I forgot to take a picture of it. 

I put a ring of tape around the jar and wahoo, I am done. Added a little me to my desk and didn't spend a fortune or spend a ton of time. I couldn't be happier, I said I wanted to DIY, this is a good and successful start.
I am going to put my favorite pens in here and some cute fluffy ones, think back to middle school. I don't know about you, but I LOVED fluffly crazy pens. Cannot wait to hear the comments from my wonderful children :)

How else should I use this washi tape? I'm trying to be creative!!

Until next time...