Friday, March 29, 2013

Steak... yes please at Ray's

I have to say first and foremost that I HATE when people get paid to do reviews because I'm never sure if they are 100% honest with their review. I was not paid at ALL for this review.

It is Food Review Friday! I am reviewing Ray's The Steaks - this is my favorite restaurant in the DC area. I personally like the one in Clarendon the best. Although I have gone to their hamburger place - Hell's Burger down the street which is also amazing.

Here is what the restaurant looks like, courtesy of images.

This restaurant is a reservations only restaurant, until recently, they opened a second section next door to help people be seated more quickly. My recommendation is always have a reservation. It is worth it. It is not on open table yet or else I would have a large amount of free dinners coming my way.

The look of the restaurant is very simple, wood floors, no bar - but they have a fabulous wine list and are very good prices. The steak is a good price as well, if you went to one of the "name brand" steak places you are going to pay at least 75 per person for wine included.

I LOVE their crab soup it has a taste unlike anything I have ever had before.

Pinot Nior - Very reasonable price and tastes fabulous! Best wine I have ever gotten at a restaurant. I won't lie.

I order their filet migon with garlic, garlic butter on the side, and bleu cheese. Wow O Wow does it taste fantastic, the meat melts in your mouth if you can imagine that.
courtesy of a google search. I couldn't find my picture of my steak. I love mine medium rare so it is a little redder and juicier than this photo but you can see the blue cheese.

The other thing that they pride themselves on is their aged meat which people I have dined with have gotten and I have tried. VERY good.

Sides: Comes with Spinach and Mashed Potatoes. They don't always tell you, but you can have unlimited amount of these. We always ask for our mashed potatoes with garlic on them. What can I say, I am making sure the vampires don't get me.

Paid for side I always get. Mac and Cheese. It is AMAZING. Tastes just like my grandma's from scratch macaroni. It is in one of those small skillet type dishes. 

I will be honest, I have never had enough room for dessert, so I have never tasted one of their desserts.

Until next time...