Thursday, August 8, 2013

To roommate or NOT to roommate.... this is the question

As you saw yesterday, part of my goals to get out of my funk is to find a place to live. The DC area is probably one of the most expensive places to live and when you are on a teacher's salary, you have to get creative with almost everything you purchase :) 

So I am thinking roommate, even though I haven't done this since college and my first experience was horrible, while my second awesome. Any advice on how to find a good roommate? I'm kind of lost on where to start.

Some suggestions I have gotten:

  • Ask co-workers if they have any friends interested
  • Craigslist
My other question is - HOW DO YOU SPOT A CRAZY GIRL!!?? I couldn't live with a guy, I just don't think I could do it. I was thinking of doing a Questionnaire - is that too weird? So I could ask some simple questions - hobbies, cleaning, etc. and see if we would mesh well together? Again, haven't done this since college and the questionnaire seemed to work in college :)

I'll keep you posted on the hunt. Until next time...