Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oklahoma Recap

So I have to share the most awesome experience I had in Oklahoma. I really enjoyed getting away from DC and share some time with my family. What an eventful weekend. Here is what welcomed me to Oklahoma - my Aunt's next door neighbors have a horse, he would follow me each day during my runs and I would pet his sweet head.

Patrick - the weenier dog was bit by a snake and his poor face blew up. He spent a night in the doggie hospital, luckily he didn't have any health problems, and the snake was found so we were able to confirm it was a Copperhead.  Patrick is white and brown. Taby is the totally brown one.
My cousin who is 22, convinced me to go line dancing - which I have never done before! OMG did I have so much fun. We did every dance from Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, to Boot Scoot-in Boogie. I found my new dancing boots as well. I'm very excited to purchase them.
I yelped Line Dancing so I am going to have to try it out in the DC area and keep you posted. If you know of any good places, you will have to let me know. So excited.

For once, I didn't have any flying fears which is new to me, I've always been afraid of flying but this trip I was extremely relaxed. The only way to Tulsa is a two way flight - which I went through Chicago. I have never really been there before only the airport! :) I met some of the nicest people on my flights which NEVER happens to me and I love talking to random people! 

Until next time...